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Who Toy?

Having trouble picking that new domain name? Glassdog’s new Who Toy? can help you. Pick a catagory (GeekFest, MyURL, PornDog, or Randomizer) and then let Who Toy? do the work for you. Better hurry, kids…I’ve got my eye on

A nice companion toy to the Who Toy? might be the What Toy?, a little mission statement generator for that sparkling new domain name. Throw words like “collaborative”, “portal”, “weblog”, “personal”, “culture”, “links”, and “rant” into a randomized pulldown thingie and there you have it. The beauty part is that if you’ve got all ready to go, but the What Toy? tells you that it’s going to be “a collaborative vertical portal for the Linux community”, you can always throw that one back and spin it again…until you have something more to your liking, such as “a webzine focused on pop culture, featuring links, rants, and a weblog.” Now there’s a mission statement that puts the “you” in “unique”.