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Opening new windows?

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 28, 1999

New poll: Links to sites outside of kottke.org open in a new window. What are your thoughts on this? (view the results)

I like it…it allows me to keep the original document open whilst looking at others.
I dislike it. I like to browse in the same window and use the back button to navigate previously visited pages.
I’m indifferent. I open a new window on every link I visit anyway.
My browser does not support opening pages in new windows.
I don’t understand the question.

Boy, are those poll results ugly. I’m glad that ArsDigita finally let their results table expand and collapse with the width of the user’s template, but the huge fonts are ridiculous. This could be done without tables and be a lot clearer, more readable, and make more efficient use of screen real estate. Shame, shame.