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Kottke.org re.org

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 01, 1999

As you may have noticed, I’ve reorganized kottke.org a little. I combined the “notes”, “media”, and “new” sections all into one big thing under the “notes” header. I noticed that I was doing the same thing in all three sections so I consolidated. The content will remain the same…there will still be “notes” entries, entries about the media (books, movies, Web sites, etc.) I consume, and also stuff about things I write and produce for this site, 0sil8, and for other sites.

I guess this means kottke.org is finally a weblog. Others have been calling it that for a while, but I never really did. I’m still not sure if it is, and I’m not really sure that it matters what I or others want to call it. It is what it is.

There are also some loose ends to tie up. From April, a short interview of me over at Two Critics.

I also submitted a picture to Airtoons. I love this site.

And finally, there’s a Flash piece I did for this month’s issue of Suffocate. I’d been wanting to do something for them for a while now…I’m glad I finally found the time. Hopefully I can find the time to continue contributing.