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I want my MTV

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 15, 1999

Just for fun, I told a bunch of search engines that I wanted my MTV.

Google, Yahoo, and Excite fared the best…the first search result was to the front page on MTV’s Web site. Altavista returns a link to MTV’s front page as well, but it’s via the RealNames service. Cheaters.

Both InfoSeek and Lycos return a page on the MTV Web site in the first 10 search results, but not the front page. Interestingly, Lycos also returns a link that states “Click to buy mtv”. My initial thought was, “now that’s a search engine!” However, the link just goes to CDNow. :(

Bringing up the rear is HotBot. I wanted my MTV, but all it brought me was garbage.