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Bad egghead?

posted by Jason Kottke   Jun 23, 1999

Has anyone else had any bad experiences with egghead.com? I ordered a Palm Pilot from them about two and a half months ago and they just shipped it today. Granted, the Palm V was back ordered for a while, but then when I called their support center, it took them two days (!!) to track down my order status. They couldn’t even tell me if they had any Palm Vs in stock. And it turned out that they had somehow lost my order and had to reinstate it. WTF? I would have cancelled the damn thing long ago if it hadn’t been such a good deal. Let’s just hope it shows up in one piece.

And when I do get my Palm, I expect I will be looking around the Web for neat little gadgets and apps to put on the damn thing. The bad news is that I shall be forced to tell you good folks all about it. So, do you know of any gotta-have-it apps that you want to share with this Palm newbie?