Put on a condom, dammit

posted by Jason Kottke May 29, 1999

I have no patience for people with lots of kids. In this day and age, in America, it's just plain socially irresponsible to have 4, 5, or 10 kids or more. Humans are going to outgrow the earth soon enough without people breeding our race to overpopulation. It's called "birth control". Look into it.

And I don't buy the argument that birth control is against your religion. Every species on this planet has to have multiple offspring just so one or two of them can survive to propagate the species. Except man. Health care in first world countries is at such a high level now that almost every single human offspring will survive long enough to breed...and it'll be that way in the rest of the world in 20-40 years. Man doesn't need to breed like crazy to ensure propagation of the species. What mankind really needs now is a little birth control to keep ourselves from over-running the planet on which we live.

Every species must adapt and find that middle ground so that it can co-exist with its surroundings: too few members and the species is in danger of extinction, but too many and the species will use up its natural resources and have its membership dramatically depleted. Human beings are no exception. So don't worry about what your god thinks, put on a condom, dammit. He put a brain in your head so you could figure these things out for yourself...use it.