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I dislike airline food. Not

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 22, 1999

I dislike airline food. Not because it tastes bad, but because they try to please everyone but end up pleasing very few. For instance, take a plain bran muffin. Most people, I would wager, wouldn’t mind eating a plain bran muffin…especially if there’s no alternative. Then, add walnuts. Some people don’t like walnuts and won’t eat it. Now add poppyseeds, raisins, apple chunks, and a blueberry spread. You’re alienating a lot of people by throwing all the crap in there. By making the muffin more diverse, they are actually appealing to a smaller audience, not the larger one they had hoped for. Sure, the uber-muffin will probably be tastier to some, but more people will eat the plain muffin.

And let’s face it, most airline travellers are not looking for fine cuisine to eat on the plane; they’re just looking for something to tide them over until they can buy a $4 hot dog in the concourse at Raleigh-Durham. Either that or they are looking for something they can easily throw up when the ride gets bumpy.