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Free Shipping on Kottke Tees

Hey folks. My pals at Cotton Bureau are celebrating their 11th birthday. So, for the next three days (until the end of July 11), all of their shirts come with free shipping!

This includes the handsome Hypertext Tee:

two shirts, one black and one white, with a bright multi-colored 'hypertext' printed on them

And the Process Tee (dark colors | light colors):

two t-shirts, one dark and one light, with a squiggly pattern that is jumbled up on the left but gets straight and smooth on the right

Just use code HBDCB11 at checkout for free shipping within the US and 50% off international shipping. You can see all your Kottke shirt options on the Goods page.

Reminder: 50% of the profits from the Process Tee will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds. Thanks to your support, I’ve been able to donate more than $4,700 to the NNAF so far.

Discussion  4 comments

Mike F.

I'm guessing you meant end of *July* 11, not June 11. ;)

Jason KottkeMOD

Yes, thank you. The shipping special is good through the end of the day on July 11!

Stefan S

Free shipping only applies to within the US, right?

Stefan S

Sorry, it was all written above already.

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