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True statement that sounds completely false: Steph Curry cannot spin a basketball on his finger (without Globetrotter help).

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Todd Vanyo

I was so glad to see that Curry couldn’t do this. I have always thought this should be a simple skill, yet cannot do it either. I’m personally glad to know that a basketball legend and myself share one basketball related thing.

Tra H

I'm convinced he's doing this for jokes because my brain cant accept that Wardell Stephen Curry II can't spin a basketball on his finger after the amount of time he's spent around a basketball during his lifetime.

Tom Mason

This is so endearing and delightful. My kid's rec basketball coach can do this and yet it eludes the man with arguably the best hand-eye coordination on the planet. And not just Steph! Lebron James... Joel Embiid... all of them former MVP's who have spent their professional lives with a basketball in their hands. Also love the inter-team banter. Durant is sickened by the thought. Meanwhile Jrue Holiday's reaction is so kind and non-judgmental.

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