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Did you know you can renew your US passport online now? The State Department is beta testing the new online renewal system for the next several months.

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Jim McDonough

I have dual citizenship - USA + IRL. My Irish passport was getting close to expiring, so I went on-line and found they had on-line renewal. Filled out a short form, uploaded a photo of me that my wife took, gave a CC# for the fee, and five days later the passport was in my mailbox. The State Department is going to have to work to beat that. (It must have come from the Consulate in S.F. to be that fast.)


I was able to renew online in 2022 when they first started this program (I think?). From submitting to receiving was about 3 months, but other than that I don't remember any hitches.

Yen Ha Edited

*head explodes* This is the equivalent of when the DMV streamlined their license renewal process.

Scott Sanders

It is tremendously fast right now, they must be sending the online applications through a different funnel than the mail-in ones. As a reference, I applied for a renewal on July 4th (a Federal Holiday) and I received my new passport on July 12th. I didn’t pay for expedited service. They didn’t promise delivery that quickly and insisted that I be willing to wait 6-8 weeks but if anyone needs or wants a passport quickly, it’s a great option.

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