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The 2024 Drone Photos Awards

The nominees for the 2024 Drone Photos Awards have been announced; here are a few that caught my eye:

drone photo of a highway crossing a frozen lake

drone photo of a crowded bull ring in Mexico

drone photo of a flock of white birds flying across a green expanse

drone photo of a small town in the snow

Photos by (from top to bottom) Sheng Jiang, Roberto Hernandez, Silke Hullmann, and Hüseyin Karahan.

Discussion  2 comments

Chris Koerner

Drones for photography are amazing. The scenes that they can capture would’ve taken a helicopter and vast amounts of money in the not too distant past. Now you can go to your local Target and pick up a very capable drone for under 500 bucks. I am a casual enthusiast drone photographer and just captures of my backyard or hiking trips give you a whole new perspective of the space that you inhabit.

Max Elman

I'm always a little uneasy when I see images like this. Is it legal? Do they have the right certifications and protections? If a drone falls onto a highway there could be some pretty serious problems.

But they're beautiful photos regardless.

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