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15 Years of Plant Time Lapse Videos

This is a compilation of dozens of time lapses of plant growth, from seed to fruit in many cases. The plants featured include strawberry, avocado, tobacco, ginger, oak tree, cauliflower, potato, kiwi, and several types of mushroom (not a plant). The climbers (kiwi, peas) are so cool — their vines whipping around trying to find purchase. The thai basil was one of my favorites…watching all the delicate little flowers popping out in sequence up the branches is really lovely.

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Andrew Soucier Edited

I just ran across this myself and was drawn in. I have a family member going through some health challenges and it’s been an incredibly stressful week. Not much on YT appeals, but this was a peaceful, almost meditative reminder of the cycle of life. Now I’m pondering a home hydroponic setup!

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