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Paramount has taken offline the entire MTV News archive as well as Comedy Central, CMT, and TV Land websites, including 20 years of material from The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park.

Discussion  2 comments

Chris Zientek

this story was quickly buried in the news churn, but its implications are staggering - at their core these were programs that challenged the young adults of that time, demanded change and promoted critical thinking. erasing oppositional thinking is a hallmark of a future that only gets more authoritarian and dystopian by the day. just another straw on the camels back of democracy

Robb Monn

People really undervalue what MTV News did for a generation. Kurt Loder and his crew brought strong collectivist, progressive values to us at a young age when our parents were not getting the real story on the 6 o'clock news. MTV's coverage and promotion of ACT UP! was *everywhere* on the network and all the time. They were against the first Iraq invasion from day one. And so on. This was not done for a profit motive and the reporting was not done so as to offend the fewest people possible.

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