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Asking AI to generate a video of the Tour de France. 1. This is hilarious (the explosion!) 2. This illustrates how/where LLM image generators fail. Like, this has the vibe of biking but the details & physics are totally wrong. An uncanny Grand Canyon.

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Jason KottkeMOD

@timothyreed notes: "Every scene is a crash of some kind!"

That's probably because the video clips this LLM trained on are crashes โ€” i.e. the exciting bits. Which hints at how LLMs trained on local and national news would skew their news coverage in favor of 1) murder, crime, & immigrants, 2) stories of pets rescuing their humans from burning buildings, or 3) stories of immigrant pets rescuing their humans from burning buildings and then murdering them.

Mike Akers


Michael Sippey

Would 100% watch

Alana Cloutier

I saw this first thing in the morning on Instagram and I laughed way too hard. Agree that clearly the bits that make it online are the crashes, though I've also come across that clip where a horse jumps a fence and joins a bike race a million times, so I'm kind of surprised a random horse didn't make it in.

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