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The Coming Birth-Control Revolution. “Researchers have taken massive steps toward developing simple, convenient, and effective contraceptive options for men with virtually zero side effects.” And it could “transform women’s contraception too”.

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Mary Wallace

This covers all bases.
Funny, they mention that the Population Council has a couple of ideas for the vaginal ring. When I tried the ring, it ended up everywhere except where it was supposed to be. It was the final straw for getting my tubes tied. Thank goodness they do that under anesthesia, but it's a battle to convince a doctor to do it if you haven't had children. Even if you're 45 years old.


"I asked Vahdat whether the typical side-effect profile of currently available female contraceptives would pass muster in any of the male methods in trials. “Based on history,” she told me, “I think that it would not.” Several other experts agreed. In 2011, a worldwide trial for an injectable hormonal contraceptive for men was halted when an independent safety-review committee determined that the drug’s side effects “outweighed the potential benefits.” The side effects in question included mood swings and depression, both of which are frequently experienced by women on birth control."

Totally unsurprising that it takes male birth control acceptable to the general male population to, hopefully, eventually revolutionize female birth control. While the burden of preventing pregnancy has fallen disproportionately on women who have endured decades of unsafe, painful methods, e.g., IUD insertion and all manner of debilitating side effects, men jump in the game with a nice gel they (likely ask their wives/girlfriends to gently) massage into their shoulders once a day.

Chris Koerner

This is good to see.

To any men reading this on the fence about getting a vasectomy, do it! It’s a minor inconvenience and a great way to prevent unwanted pregnancy while being a good partner. Hormonal birth control (for women, according to my wife) is such a drag.

David Leppik

Then there are condoms, which have the major advantage of verifiability: both people know that birth control is in use. Also prevents STIs, which is just as important in many relationships.

It’s been said that men would take birth control more seriously if they had a risk of getting pregnant. I used to think that would change when DNA paternity tests became more available. Here we are years later, and culture hasn’t changed with technology.

For a couple that doesn’t want kids but might, IUDs are a great option. For a couple that’s done having kids, a vasectomy is a great option. But I’d be surprised if these new technologies find a niche where they are an improvement over existing options given the differential risks around pregnancy.

Matt G

I welcome any and all options for men. That said, a vasectomy is great. I don't think the discomfort even matches what my wife experiences on a monthly basis.

If you're done, you owe to the both of you to get it done.

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