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57 Sandwiches That Define New York City. Never mind if you don’t live in or near NYC…this list is chock full of sandwich inspiration. My mouth was legit watering as I scrolled.

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CW Moss

I sent this link to four friends this morning. And reading it so early made me hungry two hours before lunch time. Damn delicious photography of sandwiches!

Caroline G.

The chopped sandwich from Choppke’s is glaringly absent.


Though the Chopped Salad Sandwich from Farmer in the Deli is in the 'Let me get uhh' section - so that's something I suppose!

Jason KottkeMOD

I emailed the Times about this oversight and they replied that imaginary sandwiches were not eligible for inclusion.

Reply in this thread


In the comments there is a link to a map with all the places mentionned in the list

Yen Ha

Oh and thx for this post which definitely made me drool.

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