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Yes, everyone really is sick a lot more often after COVID. “At least 13 communicable diseases, from the common cold to measles and tuberculosis, are surging past their pre-pandemic levels in many regions, and often by significant margins.”

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Greg Lescoe

I feel like I constantly see epidemiologists on Twitter posting new findings about how catching covid in and of itself can wreck your immune system (I saw one person memorably comment that the list of diseases that are suddenly a lot more common look pretty familiar if you've ever studied the early days of HIV/AIDS research), and yet somehow that never seems to make it to mass-market reporting. Honestly, I'm sure it's not some sort of nefarious conspiracy-theory sort of thing, so much as just, like… it's too much of a serious bummer to consider "hey what if there is now an airborne virus that can develop into AIDS through a route other than HIV" as a real possibility to put it into print, I guess.

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