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Auriea Harvey’s pioneering site Entropy8 has been restored as part of a retrospective of her work at the Museum of the Moving Image. Harvey’s work was a huge inspiration for me โ€” like, you can do that on the web?!

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Josh Fireland Edited

< - - - this wide - - > ๐Ÿ˜ญ


I remember seeing this in the final months of design school and being confused, a little awed, and a lot anxious I didn't "get it." This is my typical cloddish response to experimental art โ€” the point being, Entropy8 was art. It's great that the MMI is putting on this show.

Jeremy Keith

Was entropy8 perhaps an (unconscious?) influence in naming osil8?

Jason KottkeMOD

Oh I'm sure it was. Probably even conscious.

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Wayne Bremser

for real nostalgia, load it in dev tools and see how most of the files are under 15k ... and remember how much work it took to get there

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