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David Pierce reports on the Excel World Championship from Las Vegas. “There is one inescapably weird thing about competitive Excel: spreadsheets are not fun.”

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Chris B

A fascinating article about a really boring (to 99.9% of the population (or, at least, me) subject. I really enjoyed it. I work with excel, but on a very, very basic level, but even I can feel the thrill of a formula that encapsulates six sets of parentheses.

Patrick Brown

I'm really curious about this, but that color scheme is atrocious. I couldn't finish the article. Am i the only one that has trouble with that scheme?

Daniel Knapp

I also struggled with it, and stopped reading before the end


Use the dev tools in your browser to change the colors temporarily.

Jason KottkeMOD

The article has a palette switcher in the lower right hand corner — the B&W option works fine.

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