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“Elephants call each other by name and respond when they hear others call their name, according to new research.”

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Jason KottkeMOD

A story about elephants looking out for each other:

On the afternoon of 1st April 2022, ex-orphans Loijuk; and her baby, Lili; Naisula; Kitirua; and Olare arrived at the Ithumba stockades. Much to the Keepers' astonishment, they also had a tiny baby in tow. The calf was a few days old at most. He had clearly been without milk, given his weakened body condition and how he tried desperately to nurse from all the females present, but to no avail. Aside from Loijuk, who had baby Lili by her side, none of the females were old enough to be pregnant nor lactating, and certainly none of them were the baby's mother.

We will never know how the calf found himself in the midst of our ex-orphans nor how he came to lose his mother. The ex-orphans must have come across him alone in the bush and, realising that he was in dire need of help, frogmarched him to the place they knew to be a refuge for all elephants: Our Ithumba stockades.


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