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“There have been more gun suicides than gun homicides in the United States every year for the past 25 years. Yet the harm inflicted on communities by suicides rarely registers in the national debate over guns.”

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Matt G

It's bad. Has been for decades. Even the incidences in the high schools are high compared to the rest of the nation.


A tragedy and a disgraceful one at that.
Mix something that tends to be overlooked or wilfully ignored -- the problems that drive people to suicide -- and submission to gun culture, that is, that sensible gun control is impossible on a national level* makes for one awful mix. (*Ask me--better: don't--for thoughts about that disgraceful POS gun control bill passed in 2022.)
Too, there's the huge mess revolving around depression. So many varieties and causes, so many definitions in the DSM. And my old fart theory: there's an edge or variety of depressives that the professionals can't even see because the sufferers wouldn't even be on the radar so to speak. (I'm referring to treatment-avoiding and treatment-resistant.)

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