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In the last 10 years, Paris has closed 100 streets to cars, removed 50,000 parking spots, tripled parking fees for SUVs, and built more than 800 miles of bike lanes. “Those changes have contributed to a 40% decline in air pollution.”

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So painful to read this on the day that Governor Hochul killed the most far reaching attempt to pivot an American city away from car dependence.

Sean K

I too was devastated to read that - it's a complete joke, she must be voted out of office.

David Nir

I couldn't be more disgusted at her actions. What a travesty.


That's un-American where Job 1 for a city is to maximize enrichment of a few at the cost of many.
Name one US city significantly better than it was a generation ago.
Of course something can be done. But it starts with us electing politicians not beholden to -- in the pocket of -- special interests and our track record there is obvious.

Manqueman Edited

What I've been wondering since our DINO governor* pulled this is just who'd be kept out by congestive pricing. (*Mandatory reminder: if she was potentially competent, Cuomo wouldn't have gone along with her Lt Gov candidacy. And she proves me correct there all the time.) Certainly not commercial vehicles, residents in the area and tourists. So we're pretty much left with out-of-towners and some commuters. So of the pool of people driving into the city, what percentage is falling into those last two groups?
If you have any sort of numbers, thanks, but I'm not sure any reliable breakdown even exists.

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Thomas McGee

In principle it's a great idea, but as a New Jersey resident I'm opposed. The reason why is the decrepit state of public transportation from NJ. Trains are infrequent and unreliable. If I have to be somewhere at a given time (which is just about every time I go into Manhattan) I have to allow extra hours to account for delays and cancellations. At one point last year, one out of every three trips I took was seriously disrupted.

The promised exceptions for the West Side Highway are also a cruel joke. You can't get to that highway from the Holland or Lincoln tunnels without going through the congestion zone, and getting hit with the extra fee. Because as soon as you come out of the tunnels you're already in the zone. The pressure on the GWB is going to be unbearable. And forget going to Brooklyn or Long Island.

None of the money that was going to be raised by congestion pricing was going to go to New Jersey Transit.


If you need to urgently be in NYC, I'd suggest you live in NYC. We shouldn't pay the price for your convenience to drive a single passenger vehicle into the city.

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Bill Amstutz

I am super disappointed in the Governor's decision but I want to acknowledge how much improvement has been made in cycling infrastructure in NYC.

I have been cycling in all five boroughs for more than 25 years, and the change over that time has been astounding. I recently explored the new investments in the Bronx that include numerous cycle/pedestrian bridges over the Bronx River and an almost completely protected lane from Randles Island to the Botanical Garden. Amazing!

We lack the leadership that has led to the changes in Paris, but we are making progress.

If any Kottkers are visiting NYC and want to go for a ride, reach out and let me know.

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