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Great rec from Youngna Park: “Part of my life strategy for eating leftovers at home all the time is you have to have a sauces rotation” โ€” e.g. hot sauce, chili crisp, a garlicky yogurt sauce, etc.

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Yen Ha

My leftover strategy is to chop and reheat on the stovetop. We had leftover mash potatoes, a bit of steak and broccoli so I chopped them all up and threw them into a pan, sauted for a bit and then had leftover mash lunch. Maybe this can be a side offering at Choppke

Jason KottkeMOD

You're hired!

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Jason KottkeMOD

There is also the time-honored tradition of putting an egg on it. Or making fried rice. Or both at the same time!

Yen Ha

oh definitely! I feel like eggs, along with Youngna's sauce rotation should get you through almost any sort of leftovers

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Alison M.

I thought you had a no Substack links policy?

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