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It’s interesting (but unsurprising) to see the no-kneeling-during-the-nation-anthem, anti-flag-burning “patriots” flying Confederate flags, defacing US flags w/ blue lines, and flying them upside-down. It’s all just self-interested bigotry.

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Jason KottkeMOD

Once again, it's not hypocrisy, it's about hierarchy:

They want right-wing speech to be protected on campus and people protesting genocide to be ground under. Some people call this hypocrisy, but it's much more sinister than that. These double standards are about HIERARCHY. They're about how the right wants to order the world.

It's about who gets to do harm and who harm can be visited upon without consequence. That's what they are outlining when they demand "protection" for some and violence against others. They are outlining the world they want, including who should be victimized at will.

You can't deface the flag, but we can because it demonstrates our power over you.

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