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Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it. “As the texts escalated in complexity and rage, I sympathized with their plight. I mean, not enough to unlock my phone.”

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Tom Robertson

There’s a few things I don’t really understand about this:

1. How did they get into her phone? Did they guess the passcode?
2. Why not mark as stolen and wipe it? I’m pretty sure that still locks it so it can’t be reused but still gets your personal stuff off it?

Tom Robertson

Sorry, I’m a dummy, it says she did that in the first sections.

I assumed the texts were coming from her own phone somehow. But I’m confused as to how someone can get your number and text you though if the phone is locked and or bricked?

Dave Sandell

The way I read it is that the numbers weren't coming from her own phone, since she references numbers from the UK, etc. I assume they got her phone number off of her SIM card? Is that possible?

Tom Robertson

I don’t know? I’m honestly curious about all this because it freaks me the fuck out. I in no way want someone who stole my phone to be able to text me. I wish/hope there was a way to prevent that?

Jordan Krueger

She says, in a comment: "when trying to reset my phone they are prompted to enter my iCloud password. My iCloud email is also one of the ways to reach me via iMessage. So they used that to contact me"

Tom Robertson

Oh I missed that. Okay major takeaway: I clearly need to read things more carefully.

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