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Trailer for Season Three of The Bear

I have to admit, The Bear is a little up and down for me. But the highs (Forks, Fishes, Honeydew) are so high that it’s well worth the effort. Anyway, the trailer for season three dropped yesterday and, no surprise, it looks intense.

So. Much. Unaddressed. Trauma. That these people are inflicting upon one another. (Men will literally open a Michelin-starred restaurant instead of going to therapy.) It seems like Carmy, not the restaurant, is the titular Bear. (via laura olin)

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CW Moss

I felt the same way about the second season. I thought the first was solid, and adored the second season — Honeydew and Forks specifically. I even enjoyed the latter so much that I had my parents watch it too, which is always a gamble.

Everyone in the show is great, but I have this dream that Ayo gets a run at Nora-Ephron-esque rom-coms. She's so charming and I think she has the qualities of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in certain ways.

For example, I've always thought that one of Hanks' supreme gifts is the ability to make his anger seem funny (just like Jimmy Stewart before him) — and I think Ayo has the same gift and that is why she perfectly fits into the Bear. She gives the anger of all a slight levity, and to me that is a magic trick.

Ryan Miller

Fishes and Forks from Season 2 are both at the top of my list for favorite episodes of television I've ever seen in my life. Near perfection. I can't wait for Season 3. I will need to watch something after the episodes to calm me back down. : )

Matt S

Good show, I just wish they were a little more obvious what city it takes place in. The 20x per episode doesn't quite do it for me.

The interpersonal plots are plenty engaging, but it drives me nuts when an episode is like 10 minutes of plot and 15 minutes of panning over the skyline of some city that I can't quite place...

Daniel Copeland

Are there any other commenters out that that are, like me, in the Venn overlap of 1) people that enjoyed The Bear, and 2) people that are generally handy with construction/fixing things around the house ?

Something that I noticed early, and then saw repeated instances of throughout the show to the point of being extremely distracting- it's like the writers have just enough concept of the lingo and visuals of construction to incorporate it into the storylines - but the execution is so absurdly wrong or nonsensical that it left me thinking "surely I'm not the only one who was just taken completely out of the story by this..."

I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this question; I just don't know anyone I can ask about this....

Colter Mccorkindale

The Bear is whatever Carmy isn't dealing with, and instead makes a restaurant.

John Sawyer

Had the same reaction to the trailer: excitement to get back on this ride mixed with a teensy bit of dread about another season of Carmy trauma/angst coming out sideways in the form of broken relationships, amazing food, self flagellation and half-hearted but kind/poignant/self-interested gestures (getting Syd the jacket, giving Tina the knife, sending Marcus and Richie to stage). But overall I’m stoked. I just hope the trailer gives the vibe of the first episode or two, and that the season goes to more interesting places that it shows.

Tom Robertson

Season 1 was really hit or miss for me. Some of the episodes like where they were at that BBQ with the green soda or whatever just felt like classic 00’s FX mid TV (Nurse Jackie, Weeds, Rescue Me, etc.)

But then that 20 minute one cut episode clicked so hard and pulled us in. And season 2 took its cues from that episode in a great way.

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