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The true story behind the kid who went 1940s viral for his week at the cinemas in San Francisco. “Richard said he had spent $20 on 16 movies, 15 comic books, six games, 150 candy bars, and a large number of hot dogs.”

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Colter Mccorkindale

Reading between the lines here: sounds like he was fleeing an abusive childhood. Making today's equivalent of $285 from panhandling takes a lot of unsupervised time.


Kids used to have tons of unsupervised time without being abused. My grandmother used to tell her kids to go outside and come back when it got dark. So I think a lot of kids could easily spend big chunks of time doing things parents didn't know about, like panhandling.


But just finished reading the article and unfortunately, yeah, it sounds like the kid really didn't want to go home. How sad!

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