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Have You Seen A Cybertruck Yet? I saw one yesterday driving through the small town I live in and just burst out laughing. It is a ridiculous vehicle.

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For Christmas, it wants to be a DeLorean.

Ryan Miller Edited

I've seen a few at this point. Given my bias against Elon Musk and Tesla at this point, I can't help but find the thing to be absolutely ridiculous.

BUT I do have to allow that if I still admired Elon Musk, I'd probably find the thing pretty cool, because it is unlike anything else and I usually can appreciate that in design.

Jonathan Dobres

I'm no fan of Tesla (I used to be an automotive safety researcher, and boy oh boy did we have opinions about Tesla!), but the vehicle on the right is just as ridiculous, in different ways.

Chris B

The one on the right is designed to its function, though... er... I guess you could say the same about the cybertruck.

Josh Fischel

I'm curious if you would be willing to unpack any of your opinions about Tesla.

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Matt Jacobs

I have seen zero in Denver (where I live), but saw 3 in LA while there for a day. I appreciate when car designers take chances, but it just looks ridiculous.


I own a Tesla Y, and live in a Tesla heavy area. I saw my first a few weeks ago, and have seen them with more frequency. It's as dumb looking as the first time I saw it in person. It actually makes me chuckle.

Dunstan Orchard

I've seen a few here in the SF Bay Area, but our landscaper showed up in one the other day and it looked so ridiculous among the softness of the trees and ferns that I could barely look at it. It seemed aggressively unnatural.

Jack Hays

I have seen several now, including a high-schooler driving one to school in front of me (!), and I mostly hate them and think they're dumb, and hate Elon, but also begrudgingly admire the audacity to actually follow through on something so silly.

Stephanie A-H

I saw one in Athens, GA last week and another in Asheville, NC when I was traveling through. Poor husband saw the one in Asheville and said it felt like cringing at your terrible hairstyles when you look at an old high school yearbook.

John R Burnett

I recognized one here in Iowa by the distinctive linear headlamp thing from quite a distance. I cringed very hard, but I also recognized a fear, deep deep down that this might influence future design and that I might be judged retroactively for my bad taste, in the same way people who clung to their mullets were judged by later generations.

Leon Barnard

I live in Southern California and it appears that the Cybertruck may be the new “it” vehicle among aging rich men this year (I even saw one in black, which was a bit less hideous). Last year it was the new Ford Bronco, the year before it was the Jeep Gladiator.
So, unfortunately, they have found a target audience that thinks they look badass driving one. I think Elon may sell enough of them to keep them in production.

Matt G

They’ve sold less than 4000. It’s not going well. Not to mention the recalls and the massive quality control issues. That anybody is buying them is absolutely insane.

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Mark Fisher

I’ve seen two in the wild. The thing that really stands out when you’re up close to one is the size of the (sole) windshield wiper. It’s ridiculously enormous.

Kirstin McLatchie

It is shocking how enormous that wiper is.

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I work in game development. Objects in a video game have a "Level of Detail" parameter. When an object is close up in a video game, it displays at a high level of detail (LOD). As that object gets farther away, the engine switches to a more low-resolution version of that same object, so it doesn't have to keep all that unnecessary detail in memory.

The Cybertruck looks like our game simulation is glitching, and it's failing to swap the low-LOD version of a vehicle with the high-LOD version.


I found this take by legendary car designer Frank Stephenson very illuminating, helped me articulate my visceral objection to this stupid thing. He calls it an “insecure” design that’s seeking to capitalise on a “paranoid future”. Right on target, if you ask me – this car’s design DNA assumes some kind of Mad Max future that techbros need to protect themselves from, giving away the mindset of Phony Stark and his most sheeply fans.

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