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John Green on the tradeoffs of sharing your personal life with strangers. “The thing about selling something of yourself is that that you can’t buy it back.” (I used to share much more of myself online; these days I’m more careful.)

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Jordan Warshavsky

The “content machine” exists in symbiosis to what we have been (willfully?) evolved to socially over time… less and less productive beings… and more and more “consumption machines”.

While I still consider capitalism the healthiest form of economic activity… I can not help but feel it’s entropic decay into an unbridled maw of meaningless consumption (and equally trivial production) is the undoing of moral and civil development.

Or, maybe I should just eat a peach.

Matt G

Capitalism has been, and continues to be, the driver of more pain and suffering and destruction than any other idea in human history.

Jason KottkeMOD

Hi, we're not going to argue with opinions about capitalism here, thanks.

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CW Moss

I wish I could remember where I heard this. Essentially, someone asked Karl Ove Knausgaard — a man who has written book upon book upon book about himself — if he felt like he had revealed too much about himself and he said that although he had written extensively about himself, he still felt like no one really knew him.

I found that interesting.

Alana Cloutier

Few things make you question what you post (and have posted) online more than running for office. Before anyone knew I was running I went through all my accounts and really took a good hard look, and also locked all my accounts down as much as they will allow. It's less about safety (small town, everyone knows everyone, and where you live) but more about not wanting to share everything with everyone anymore. I didn't win, (Dem running in rural) but it also really changed how I interact online since then. It may seem nuts that I still have multiple instagram accounts that I manage, but my personal account is for friends only (it's from 2011 and it has 200 followers) and my public account is for news about what I do publicly. The silo approach works for me.

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