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Today’s music to work to: the solo piano version of Philip Glass’s Tales from the Loop score.

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Dunstan Orchard Edited

Beautiful. Thank you.

Bud Caddell Edited

Lovely ....... until I tried to click over and play this album on Spotify and noticed that it has been sped up over there. Not just one song, every song I compared. Now I'm sitting here enjoying the music but also wondering if there's some Spotify conspiracy to speed up all music by like 2% to serve more ads to some users....

Jason KottkeMOD

I just tried this and the Spotify version and the one on Bandcamp are the same for me. Do you think you were listening to the original album instead of the solo piano version? It does seems faster...

Matt G

They are definitely shorter/faster on Spotify.

Who can you even talk to about it?

Bud Caddell

@jason I think you have it right and I got them mixed up. No big conspiracy .... this time.

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