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Here’s something that I believe without any evidence to back it up: chocolate chip cookies taste better without chocolate chips in them. (I do prefer CCCs with sparse chips though.)

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Caroline G.


Jack Hays

It was a good run for but I cannot abide this madness.

Danielle NH

Is nothing sacred.


Team chipless! It’s not that I don’t love chocolate, I’m not bonkers! It’s just that I prefer my cookie (and my dough) unadulterated. It’s all about texture, baby.

Lisa H

"the chocolate is 'almost a crutch, a cheap thrill,' says Shilpa"


My brother doesn't like chocolate, so my mom used to take part of the chocolate chip cookie dough and bake it for him without the chips. It makes sugar cookies that are way better than most sugar cookies. I prefer it with the chips, but can see the appeal.

Margaret M.

I’m the same way and I agree.

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Brady J. Frey Edited

[sarcasm]Look what postmodernism has done.[/sarcasm]

Yen Ha

100% agree, and welcome to the secret very underground club that believes this. Michi and I have always sworn this to be true, and when I make them at home I halve the amount of chocolate chips

Jay Rendon

I would sooner eliminate the cookie part than the chocolate chip part.

Matthew Battles

The real lesson here is that sugar cookies are so insipid, even chocolate-chip cookies without the chocolate chips are preferable.

Ted Naleid

Chocolate is the worst part of chocolate chip cookies. Take out the chocolate and put some raisins and oatmeal in there. Now we're talkin'

Jason KottkeMOD

Can I interest anyone in a cookie chip chocolate? (It's a round piece of chocolate with cookie chips.)

Charles Parnot

Well, there is so much bad chocolate out there that most of the time, the cookie is better off without it, yes. Use the good stuff, and definitely not the "chocolate chips" sold for the purpose of making chocolate chip cookies. Also use the good butter, flour, sugar and eggs. Also, if you don't like chocolate, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!

Meghan Lowe

Yes! I always halved the amount of chocolate chips when I baked cookies growing up and only knew Nestle semisweet chocolate, but now I buy chocolate bars and chop them up or nice chocolate chips and never skimp!

Margaret M.

Nothing’s wrong with me, thank you very much. I know this is all in good fun, but as someone who has never liked chocolate, it is so tiresome to get this response.

May I gently request that folks consign mock outrage over not liking chocolate to the same dustbin as jokes like “How’s the weather up there?” to a tall person. It’s not original, it’s not funny, and it’s similarly about something out of a person’s control.

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Aaron CohenMOD

Man, I don’t know about this.

Kenzie B.

Definitely team sparse chips. And, maybe another blasphemous opinion, if I have to have CCCs with many chips, I want them straight from the fridge so the chips are cold and hard.

Tim Erskine Edited

"chocolate cookies taste better without chocolate chips in them" mean...Those are all English words but I've never seen them in that order before. Jason, why have you suddenly started spouting gibberish???

Daniel Prince

I have never heard of this preference. And yet... I've accommodated much weirder dietary preferences. There's clearly enough of a constituency that I'll start leaving out some dough at the chip-mixing step to make a few CCCs minus CCs. Unfortunately, there's no emoji for that. 🍪 😉

Steven Crozier

This is weirdly synchronistic. A long-time CCC fan, I have recently begun to be bothered by overwhelming presence of the chocolate in CCC's. I had just begun ponder the (previously unthinkable) notion that the whole damn cookie would be better off without the chips, when Jason's post appears. Feels like a sign from on high -- cast off the chains of bondage and free the cookie from the chocolate chips!

Meghan Lowe

Sarah Kieffer’s cookie recipes never fail me, and she JUST posted this:

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