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Geologist finds setting for Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. “Art historians said Leonardo always used his imagination, but you can give this picture to any geologist in the world and they’ll say what I’m saying about Lecco.”

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Jason KottkeMOD

They should have turned the GeoGuesser community onto this mystery...they could have solved it in like 30 seconds.


I wanted this that much that instead of reading geologists in the post, I read geoguesser

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Ben Timberlake

I guess I'll have to wait for the full presentation; the photo in the Guardian article doesn't reveal any significant similarity to me. I'm quite unclear on what the circled portion is supposed to indicate. If anything, from that vantage, I'd be convinced it was *not* Lecco.


I got nerdy when I first read this and "wandered around" Lecco on Google Earth. It could plausibly be from around this angle based on the landforms and bridge location.

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