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The Cheese-Making Magic of Alka-Seltzer, Explained. You can make a creamy nacho cheese sauce at home using Alka-Seltzer — its ingredients react to form an emulsifying agent. Plop, plop, Cheez Whiz, oh what a trick this is…

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Mils Yobtaf

Given the large aspirin warning at the top of the recipe, and the potential for real harm if you ignore that warning, I would suggest just using Velveeta in the first place, or adding a small amount of Velveeta or a couple Kraft singles to your artisanal cheese to get that cheese nice and smooth. According to my food service friends, every great queso you've ever had at an Austin Tex-Mex restaurant, no matter how fancy or artisanal, starts with at least some food service Velveeta.

Chris Koerner Edited

I appreciate you sharing this. It is so weird in a “why make it more difficult?” way. Just use some sodium citrate and skip all the hoops!

David Pacey

This seems like a cool thing to do with young kids to make home made Mac n Cheese. Kids can do the plop plop fizz fizz while the noodles are cooking, then make the magic gooey cheese sauce and voila! Might try next time granddaughter is visiting, it her favorite food.

Caroline G.

Heads up that alka-seltzer without aspirin is very hard—if not impossible—to find in "original" flavor. Not sure you want to make cheese sauce with orange-flavored alka-seltzer!

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