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Farm Animal Family Photos

a group of farm animals posing together, as in a family photo

a group of farm animals posing together, as in a family photo

a group of farm animals posing together, as in a family photo

Rob MacInnis takes these great family photos of farm animals. I mean, gold medal to anyone who can actually get a chicken, dog, goat, sheep, cow, and horse to pose together like that. I also like his photo of this charming sheep.

You can check out more of his work on Instagram and his website. (via present & correct)

Discussion  5 comments

Troy Ober

According to his website's artist's statement: "I am a photographic artist who creates fictionalized portraits of farm animals, a deliberately playful method, functioning as a disruption of our belief that photographs portray factual realism", those portraits may or may not depict all those animals at the same time.

Nick Vance

Yeah, if you look at the lighting and shadows of the subjects they don't really match up.

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Bert Vanderveen

Yeah, that was my first reaction too: ‘Bad at Photoshop.’ On the other hand: it is a cute idea & the execution of it in real life absolutely impossible, so there you are…

Jason KottkeMOD

Wellllll, crap. I totally missed that small huge detail. I still like the photos, even if they are constructed like group shots for fashion magazine covers.

Jonathan Hoefler

So much more than a cute idea! “Tidnish Mountain,” especially, is truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing Rob MacInnis’s work, Jason — these are great.

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