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Designer/creative Connell McCarthy: “I got married and over-engineered everything.” He obviously designed everything — invites, website (using AWS!), signage — but also made custom candles and an iPad jukebox app using the Spotify API.

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This is so great. And also Every Designer Who Gets Married (raises hand). You get to creative direct, micro-manage and absolutely agonize over every small element and IT IS DELICIOUS! The event itself is wonderful and meaningful, but the satisfaction of this particular job done well somehow wraps around the whole of it and amplies the feels. Reading through this just reanimated that singular joy for me. Best wishes to Connell and spouse!

Lisa S.

I laugh at this. I am not a designer by training but I love design, and eventually (well after my wedding) became a marketer. I cared about all of this. In 1995, I used Adobe Publisher to create a map of hotels for those invited (all 35 of them). I designed the programs. Garamond was my font (it was the '90s). So much time spent in the university computer lab where I could access Publisher. No printing of labels but learning of calligraphy for addressing things.

30 years later, I don't care and really no one cared at the time. :) But we are still married, so...that's good.

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