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Quick site notes: 1. you can now edit comments for 10 min after posting, 2. there’s a new comment posting interface that’s hopefully less confusing, 3. the front page comment widget shows threads you’ve posted in. Come try it out!

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Jason KottkeMOD Edited

What's everyone up to today? I'm, uh, working on the site a little. And hopefully am going to get out for some exercise today even though I'm feeling a little under the weather (sore throat, Covid neg).

Oh and I'm listening to some old school electronica — still helping me code and design 25-30 years after I first started listening to it.

Andrew Blackwell

Kottke dot org is going to become the model for the only kind of social media we need!

Laurie Kramer

Jason, you might want to take another Covid test. I didn't test positive until 3 days from the onset of symptoms.

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Edith ZimmermanMOD Edited

Oh cool! This is great. We’re having a quiet day here, also coming out from being under the weather. I ordered a copy of The Life and Death of Ivan Ilyich, the Pevear/Volokhonsky translation, which I’m excited about.

Nevan Scott

Quiet day here too... finished up some work for a new course and now settling in for the evening looking for a decent movie to relax to. Any rom-com suggestions?

Moijo Jojo

so late but maybe for next time =)

italian: bread & tulips and agata & the storm
swedish: food & romance
crazy rich asians
50 first dates
the holiday
the ugly truth
always be my maybe
nia vandalos: big fat greek wedding & my life in ruins

maybe you know all of these already or they're not your bag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but those are what i could come up with & i'll probably remember more once i hit post lol

Kim D.

I just watched Rye Lane (streaming on Hulu) very fun and smart.

Nevan Scott

Ooh, Rye Lane does look promising! Might give that a go this weekend. :)

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Stefan S

3. the front page comment widget shows threads you’ve posted in

That is great!

Jason KottkeMOD

Yeah, I hope it will help people keep up with threads that they've posted in. Still need to implement a way to let people know they have replies to their comments.

Jared Crookston

Seems possible to display a symbol of some kind in the comment widget if there are any replies to any of your own comments in that thread. Doesn't need to be too complicated

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Pete Ashton

3 makes me so happy!


Very handy!


We had so many plans for today — volunteering with an Earth Day electronics recycling shindig, trying out a new breakfast spot, going board games shopping. But it's pouring rain, the Earth Day events were canceled due to said rain, and we all feel a bit under the (stormy) weather So, instead of a productive, active day, we decided to compete over who can make the best hot chocolate, learn a new embroidery stitch, and talk about what movie we should watch for a solid 2 hours. No movie has been chosen yet; we took a break so I could get some ramen broth on to simmer. Two adults (with wildly different tastes) and a very opinionated tween... we may never actually get to the movie, but the debate has been more enjoyable than I could have ever predicted!

PS I didn't know I wanted commenting tweaks, but I love the commenting tweaks.

Caroline G.

I’m training for a month-long hike this summer, so I was out on the trail today carrying a backpack filled with a jumble of hand weights. I blasted dance music in my earbuds and thought a lot about the food I want to eat on my trip.

Moijo Jojo

groceries, diner lunch, planting, & hanging a beautiful trellis my carpenter husband made. low 40s here in nw ohio so thankful i didn't store my puffer & mittens just yet.

thx for the comment changes, jason!

Kelsey P. Edited

Carting my two kids, I tried meeting up with my sister at a beautiful nature trail only to find it under earth-day-festival conditions and way too crowded to manage a parking spot. Quickly pivoted to the nearest playground only to find ourselves on the swings while a massive, thousands-strong crowd gathered to celebrate 4/20. Weird afternoon.

Excited about these changes, Jason! Hope you made it outside for a little movement and fresh air too.

Jasper Nighthawk

Just a note to say the “threads you’ve posted in” tab is liable to make me comment more! I was into commenting here for a while, but it was too much hassle scrolling back to check to see if anyone responded to me. Thanks!

Craig Mod

Love all the iterations on this comment system. Inspiring! Maybe you could open source it? I'm sure other folks would love to learn / implement based off of it. (Though I know prettying up the code for public perusal can be a pain in the paunch.)

brian c.

BTW, really great NYT article! Loved the extra commentary/photos on your site (#ridgeline, natch). Good luck with the next walk!

Matt Jacobs

What should it be called, though? Kotments?

I’m not sure we have another Choppke in us.

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Paolo Palombo

Very happy about all three! Thanks

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