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Starting in 1978, a high school science teacher told his students that he was throwing a viewing party for the 2024 solar eclipse. More than 100 of them showed up.

Discussion  3 comments

Paolo Palombo

This is awesome

Audrey Latura

Absolutely lovely.

Durian Schmell

Hey Jason,
I think you said "one last post about the eclipse" a few posts ago! That's OK, this is pretty awesome.

This was my second eclipse and I shared it with my parents and my wife's parents. It's safe to assume that it will be their last and only total eclipse. I was a little stressed as the sky was mostly cloudy the entire day with patches of clear sky revealing the sun intermittently. As the clock to totality ticked down, a thick cloud bank covered up the Sun but then broke right in time to reveal the black disk and corona for the full 4 minutes of totality. It was magical!

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