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Moira Donegan: “OJ Simpson died the comfortable death in old age that Nicole Brown should have had.” He abused, stalked, terrorized, and then killed Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman. Finally, a truthful obit of OJ.

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Aileen Gallagher

I can't remember how much of the domestic violence angle was a part of the trial, but clearly not enough. (Or would it have made a difference?) Time to re-watch Made in America.

Jason KottkeMOD

The only criticism I have of OJ: Made in America (which is maybe the best documentary I've ever seen) is that while it examined the cultural contexts of policing, racism, and celebrity, it didn't so the same with domestic violence or misogyny in sports. AO Scott in his Times review of the series:

It is hard not to notice the predominance of male voices among the interview subjects, and the narrowness of the film’s discussion of domestic violence. This is not to say that the issue is ignored: Mr. Simpson’s history of abusing Nicole is extensively and graphically documented, as is the fact that most of his friends ignored what was going on at their Rockingham estate. But the film, which so persuasively treats law enforcement racism as a systemic problem, can’t figure out how to treat violence against women with the same kind of rigor or nuance.

Gabrielle Blair's recent thread compares the attention we give to athletes' traumatic brain injuries versus women with TBIs from intimate partner violence:

Did you see how many Traumatic Brain Injuries happen in the NFL each year? 281!

Holy cow. That's awful.

And as shocking as that is, it's WAY worse in the military.

Our soldiers experience 18,000 Traumatic Brain Injuries each year. 18,000!!!

Wanna guess how many women have Traumatic Brain Injuries each year because their violent partner beat them up?


That's right: 1,600,000 TBIs for women each year from Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

Jason KottkeMOD

Meant to add: the (unfinished) series that You're Wrong About did on the OJ trial (episode one) more than fills in the gap left by Made In America on this topic.

Aileen Gallagher

That is a telling critique about Made in America. Hope YWA finishes that series. I didn't know enough about the domestic violence aspect of the murder until I listened to it. (The other YWA miniseries on the D.C. Sniper also fills in much needed gaps about the relationship violence context.)

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I'm taking this time to remember Norm MacDonald instead.

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