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“Men who say they are pro-life and want to reduce or eliminate abortion are lying. They don’t care about abortion at all, they simply want to control women.” (BTW, I got a vasectomy, it’s great, would recommend, A+.)

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I had sex ed in the 90s before abstinence only education. We learned about condoms, the pill, and having a female’s tubes tied. At no point did they mention vasectomies. I think I learned about it from TV. That should have been part of the classroom instruction, ideally in place of the horrific STD slideshow.

Matt G

Another vote for vasectomy. It was quick and the recovery was easy.

Andy Baio

I got one last year! They're great. A moment of discomfort and a similarly quick recovery. My only regret is that I didn't get it done 15 years ago when we decided not to have another child.

Stephanie A-H

We finalized our daughter's adoption this month and my husband's vasectomy is next on the docket.

I've been thinking a lot about the latest statements by the Vatican surrounding IVF, surrogacy, and gender affirming care. The argument is that these somehow erode human dignity by allowing personal preference. They then suggest adoption for infertile couples, like adoption is some sort of magic bandaid for the pain of infertility and that negativity couldn't POSSIBLY be adversely transferred to the adopted kid in question.

Lots of angry squinting at my keyboard this month.

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