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I’m the Draft List at This Brewery and No, You Can’t Have a Light Beer. “Sure, we made a ‘normal’ IPA once. But then we were like, why make a beer that’s enjoyable to drink when we could make a beer that’s not?”

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Sterling Anderson

The last two paragraphs really hit.

Mat Leonard

I used to be in the "IPAs only please" crowd. But now I'm 40 and drink maybe one beer a week and my order is always "give me something light". I have one IPA now and I'm cooked.

Tom Robertson

I’m such a cliche but I’m a middle aged man that wears a Patagonia hat and I love IPAs. 🤷‍♂️

I will say our local micro breweries in Ontario are pretty good at offering actual light IPA’s (2-4%) which are far more might speed these days, as well as honest to goodness pilsners and lagers.


I'd never have thought there was a beer I couldn't finish, but recently someone gave me an unwanted can of "Finback Blueberry Drip, an imperial stout with blueberry, coffee, vanilla, and peanut butter." It's 11.5% ABV. I would say it tastes like cough medicine, but tbh I like cough medicine just fine. This tastes something like concentrated wafts of the Gowanus Canal — the old Gowanus Canal.

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