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Hank Green lost his hair during chemotherapy and it grew back curly. Turns out this is a thing that happens to many people: chemo curls!

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Nathan Yau

So interesting. btw *Hank

Kim D.

I finished chemo nearly 7 years ago.

My mom would tease me "what if your hair comes back curly?" my reply and I mostly meant it - "I'll insist on chemo again" I really just wanted to be myself again. My hair didn't do the curly thing and I've kept it really short, as in, I go to a barbershop short. I never would've had the courage to wear this hairstyle without the chemo/bald phase.

Mary Wallace

I had a friend who had breast cancer in her 20s. Her hair color and eye color changed. Menopause caused my stick-straight hair to get curly and I really like it.

Caroline G.

Not about hair (and not a scientific mystery), but it has always blown my mind that my friend’s mom has a totally new blood type since she got a bone marrow transplant.


Same. But it didn't last. It took about a year for my hair to settle down post-chemo. It is now darker than it was before. They warned me it could come back grey & I'm so glad it didn't. Those chemo drugs do kooky things to your body.

Tra H

A close friend of mine had big curly hair but after developing lupus it started falling out and when it grew back it was straight. She was pretty broken up about it so she just cut her hair super short, got into fantastic shape and looks amazing

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