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What is everyone using for eclipse maps? I’ve been using this one from the National Solar Observatory. There’s also the NASA map, this one, and NYT’s cloud cover map.

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Jason KottkeMOD

The Time and Date map looks good too.

Taylor S

Came across this one the other day which looks great for checking cloud coverage

Taylor S
M Pawliger from the folks behind the Mathematica software platform is quite useful. There is also a very deep dive into the non-trivial math behind predicting eclipses and their locations linked there as well: When Exactly Will the Eclipse Happen? A Multimillenium Tale of Computation

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For weather, pivotal has a great eclipse page, I like the American cloud thickness maps. Read their comments on how to interpret the thickness percentages as not obvious. Also clouds are blue and clear is white.

As I understand it, the European models are considered the best, then American, then Canadian. Sadly I have been living on this page as I live under the path in Texas and we look screwed. It is bad to complain about rain here, but sigh. Vermont looks great! Congrats.

For timing, amateur astronomers rely on this somewhat confusing app. I used it in 2017 and it does work well but do a dry run once or twice to make sure you get the notifications. It is built for photography but the voice notices are useful. Uses GPS to get to the second accuracy.

Bill Connell

Honestly, nobody stay home and miss it just because the skies aren't ideal, the totality of an eclipse is amazing no matter what the sky is doing, short of a thunderstorm or tornado.


This was exactly the comment I needed to read on Sunday driving down to OH/IN from MI. I just stopped anxiously analyzing every cloud and took a deep breath. It all worked out wonderfully. Thank you, Bill!

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Mike Akers

The NYTimes cloud cover served me very well. It guided me to NE Vermont (original plan was Niagra Falls) and we had an amazing and cloudless experience!

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