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The instructor of a course for nervous flyers recommends a “breathe and squeeze” technique for battling flight anxiety. “It’s perfectly normal. Let’s all make a conscious decision to squeeze our buttocks.”

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Or you could just make fists with your toes in the carpet.


I have a dear friend who's a commercial pilot - and a very senior one at that - and once I confessed I didn't love flying. People, she proceeded to explain in great detail the extraordinary levels of training they do on each model plane they're flying, why turbulence is not a big deal, and why flying is so safe. I think about her speech to me whenever I am in very bad turbulence and it helps every time. She also suggested imagining that we're just driving down a bumpy road. 'Do you think your car is going to fall apart? No? Well, neither is the plane when we go through turbulent air.'

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