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Substack is speedrunning the enshittification curve. “This latest intervention is indicative of their efforts to transition to a social media hub where they can sell ad space.” We can all see where this is going…now is a great time to get off.

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Tom Robertson

I recently set up a new blog but also wanted newsletter features with the possibility of making them paid someday. To my surprise, I actually landed on good ol’ Wordpress for it. People can now “subscribe” and get your posts through email automatically and it’s all “out of the box.” And they have options for paid and you can basically customize WO to do anything you want at this point. I just went for the lowest paid tier of their hosted thing to avoid the hassle of doing it myself and it’s actually a really good deal!

Wordpress seems to have somehow avoided enshittification so far and crossing fingers it will continue to do so.

But yeah there is no way in hell I even considered substack. At least with WP or Ghost, even the hosted versions, I can take my content and my domain with me pretty easily if I want to (and I keep local copies of my posts anyway.) I do not trust substack and the other VC fuelled hosting/newsletter sites at all to store my hard work and not fuck with it.

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