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Wild Ice Skating

an ice skater stands on very clear blue lake ice with mountains in the background

Winter is winding down here in the northern hemisphere (though you wouldn’t know it from the foot of new snow outside my window), but for practitioners of wild ice skating, spring can bring favorable conditions.

But the problem with Nordic skating or any kind of wild skating — which is defined as outdoors and on naturally formed ice, regardless of the style of skate used — is finding good ice. Wild-ice seekers extol late fall and sometimes spring for freezing conditions without snowfall, which degrades ice.

Instagram is full of amazing videos of wild skating. When they lower the water level in an icy reservoir, you can even go downhill skating.

Listen to the ice on this one! It reminds me of one of my all-time favorite videos that I’ve posted to the site: The Wonderful Sounds of Skating on Black Ice. (thx, caroline)

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I live in Sweden and just recently bought a pair of proper skates for longer trips. So much fun!

When doing research I stumbled upon this great quote: ” You skate when there is ice, not when you have time.” It really is a waiting game for proper ice to form on lakes, and you have to take advantage of it when it happens!

Original in Swedish: ”Du åker skridskor när det finns is, inte när du har tid.”

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