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Paris Waiters Race Run for the First Time in 13 Years

There was a race in Paris where waiters from all the restaurants and cafes and hotels rush through the streets carrying trays with water, croissants, and empty cups of coffee. The race started around 1914, but then it stopped for the last 13 years and now they’re doing it again because of the Olympics next this year. The runners can switch hands, but they can’t carry the tray with two hands, and if their glass has less than 10cm of water when they finish, they get 30 seconds added to their finish time. Congratulations to this year’s winners, Pauline Van Wymeersch and Samy Lamrous. At the end of the race the guy said, “You’re finished!” And the winners said, “No, we’re French.”

Discussion  4 comments

Brian Clark

Did the winner cheat? He seemed to be holding it with two hands before the finish line.

Aaron CohenMOD

Maybe you're allowed to hold the glass, but one hand on the tray? We gotta go to the rule book.

Bert Vanderveen

Mate, the Olympics are THIS year, not next…

Aaron CohenMOD

@Bert, ugh, I'm still writing 2025 on all my Olympics?

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