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Brutal Lyon 25 Stair, Destroyer of Action Sport Dreams

I love Australian pro skater Ricky Glaser’s narration of all the videos he could find of people attempting to jump a famous set of 25 stairs in Lyon. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki (no relation), was the first to do it despite injuring himself on the stairs previously. At 6:15 the scooter carnage starts, “Like is he alive after that?” We can also appreciate Glaser’s criticism of the camera work at about 9:50. This is truly a masterpiece.

By the way, you may have heard of Ricky Glaser, as he is the world record holder for most kick flips in a minute, 36, which is just about 3 per second if my math is right.

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Brian Pan

"Three per second if my math is right" is technically a true statement if I'm commenting on the internet.

Thushan Amarasiriwardena

@Aaron - Man I've been chuckling out loud a couple times this week on your posts. The Aaron (no relation joke), keytar reference, Ultrech x 3... A+

Aaron CohenMOD

It's all down hill from here, @Thushan.


same. digging the writing-style and especially the humor. good stuff.

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