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100 Years Ago in Photos: 1924

Alan Taylor is an under-appreciated internet curator. He’s been overseeing the photographic vibe over at The Atlantic’s In Focus for what seems like forever, and the quality is as high as ever. His latest post is 100 Years Ago in Photos: A Look Back at 1924.

a man being collected by a cow catcher on the front of a car in 1924

Children listen to a battery-powered radio receiver that is set on a table in a swimming pool in Washington, D.C., in July of 1924.

The caption of that first photo reads:

Original caption from December 17, 1924: “Picks him up at 25 miles an hour! If the modern auto or truck hits you don’t worry. Equipped with this device you are simply given a free ride. This man even came from behind another car, was struck but not even scratched. The demonstration was given recently in Washington, D.C.”

Don’t worry! A free ride! What an age.

Discussion  2 comments

Jason Streed

This is lovely!

Don’t overlook Shorpy, either :-)

Brian W

25 mph! No helmet or padding of any kind. He doesn't look particularly happy with how modernity has slammed into him.

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