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“According to Mr Peryer, it is not uncommon for geese to be bisexual, though he adds that the duo were the only pair in the Waikanae Estuary…It is also not unheard of for geese to mate with swans, with the offspring…known as a swoose.”

Discussion  3 comments

Tim Gray

Haha, did you get to ‘swoose’ and go, “I got to send this out”?

Aaron CohenMOD

That definitely cemented it.

Nancy Friedman

The actress Swoosie Kurtz "got her first name 'Swoosie' (which rhymes with Lucy, rather than woozy) from her father. It is derived from the B-17D Flying Fortress bomber which her father piloted during World War II, which was named 'The Swoose' (half swan, half goose)."

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