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Movie Posters Perfected. “A live, cloud-based library of over 3,500 curated movie posters you can stream to your digital display.” Includes a DIY digital display guide.

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Matthew Haughey

This looks like a great project, I wonder if The Internet Archive or Flickr could produce something like this with openly licensed famous old photos to run as screensavers on TVs?

Robert Sinclair

Cool idea, Matt. I run the Movie Posters Perfected project (thank you Jason for the post!). Some folks have suggested a similar setup for everything from concert posters to video game art.

A lot of the proprietary "digital photo frames" on the market do offer access to galleries of classic and modern art or themed photography, but most charge a monthly premium for it, unfortunately. I'd love to see more open-access collections made available.

The ability for a slideshow app to access a library on a Google Drive folder is key for my project and could definitely be repurposed for virtually any kind of content theme, but I'm sure sites like The Internet Archive or Flickr could figure out a way to make their vast collections more accessible.

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